Icade Santé

Leader in healthcare property in France, dedicated to investing in private hospitals and nursing homes throughout the country

Icade Santé, a 58.3% owned subsidiary of Icade—with the remainder being owned by institutional investors— holds a portfolio of 132 healthcare facilities, representing assets worth €5 billion (excluding duties, on a full consolidation basis) as of June 30, 2020.

Olivier Wigniolle CEO of Icade Santé, the CEO of Icade SA (which owns a 56.84% stake in Icade Santé)

Olivier Wigniolle CEO of Icade Santé, the CEO of Icade SA (which owns a 58.3% stake in Icade Santé)

« Icade Santé is the largest healthcare property investor in France—the leader of a resilient, non-cyclical asset class underpinned by strong fundamentals. »

Less than a year after the placement of its first bond issue of € 500 million listed on Euronext Paris, after obtaining a BBB + stable outlook rating from S&P, Icade Santé carried out in September 2020 its first social bond issue of a size of 600 M €. It will help fund Icade Santé’s expansion plan, which has set the goal of investing €1bn in France by 2022. 

Xavier Cheval, CEO Of Icade Santé

Xavier Cheval Deputy CEO Of Icade Santé

« As an investor in nursing homes and other healthcare properties, we help our tenants achieve their goals over the long term. We enable them to provide the best quality of care by constantly upgrading our buildings and making them more sustainable. »

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21 December 2020

Icade’s Healthcare Property portfolio continues to grow with €163M in new investments in Italy and France

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5 November 2020

Icade Santé acquires the real estate of the Navarre polyclinic

In connection with the Gaucher group selling the operation of two polyclinics (Navarre and Marzet) located in Pau to Groupe Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine (GBNA), Icade Santé acquired the real estate of the Navarre polyclinic. As a result, Icade Santé signed two new 12-year leases with GBNA. One relates to the newly acquired Navarre facility and the other to the Marzet polyclinic owned by Icade Santé since 2007.

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10 September 2020

Successful launch of Icade Santé's first Social Bond

Less than a year after launching its inaugural bond, Icade Santé has today announced the successful issue of its first social bond, totalling €600m and maturing in 2030 with a fixed coupon of 1.375%. These funds were raised with a 155-bp spread over the reference rate.

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